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10/05/2010 - 09:51

I plan to let out my property but in line with some earlier posts I can not justify a full size pool - mountain lakes and sea are only half an hour away and local lido closer. However I do appreciate the appeal for guests. So I am now considering an above ground pool or jacuzzi. We have a 3m diameter inflatable at present (approx 90 euros) but would like to consider a more solid construction but at a reasonable cost.  Would like to spend no more than several thousand euros so maybe a sunken jacuzzi in the garden is the way to go? Would kids (and parents) be happy with this. Would appreciate hearing your experiences and recommendations.  



We have a full pool and have to say, a smaller splash pool would MORE than suffice. A full sized pool costs circa £1,000 per year just for 4/5 months of comfortable (to us) splashing/swimming. S

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Couldn't agree with you more Sprostoni. We too have a pool, and if we had known then what we know now..... Costs a fortune in electricity to keep the pump going, but without the pump going it goes murky! If I had my time again I would definitely go for one of the smart above ground pools. They can come with a surround that looks really quite smart. When your guests have gone, you can then let the water out and put the pool away for the winter. We saw some brilliant prices this year at our local branch of Self. They have a website where you can look at what they have got. I think an above ground would be better than a jacuzzi because 1) it would use less electricity and 2) kids like to splash about wildly in a pool and that is not possible in a jacuzzi. If you do go down this route I found this year that I saved a fortune in pool chemicals by buying them all in the very early summer from IperSimply! I bought 4 in 1 tablets, 5 in a pot for 5 Euros.

I dont think one of these type of pools cut it. You cant charge a similar rate for a house with a 'proper' pool. I rented one recently that had one of these above ground pools and it was horrible. Just like a giant bath. I asked for a refund and would not recommond the house to anyone. IF you are doing it to up yr rental price and or attract renters who demand one I think-my view only-yr wasting yr time. Its no substitute

If you rent out your property then the expensive option of an in-ground pool would be an attraction however if it's for your amusement then go for above ground every time . A very level site is necessary and for kids mainly, even the giant doughnut type is just fine with a pump/filter and a quarter of a tablet of chloriney stuff every ten days then all will be well. I've had mine for three years now and it still works. A word of warning for those who rent out - a lockable gate to the pool area could be necessary for health and safety etc for young guests! Give the key to the parents.