Joined a few days ago, but put the travel photos in first...

10/08/2010 - 12:12

Have only just noticed that I should probably have put an introduction in first, but there we are.  If all else fails, read the instructions... Glad to have found this site and joined the community.  We have a small apartment in the city of Como and we love spending time there.  The surrounding area is so beautiful - we are keen walkers and have done some wonderful walks around the lake and particularly in the mountains.  Would be interested to know of any other community members in the same area!


Welcome to the forum.We have a holiday apartment between Como and Bellagio in a village which features on some of your photos.We've had the apartment for about 4 years now and stlll love visiting the area. Would be very interested to learn more about the walks you have undertaken ,in particular any which are well suited to the slightly less fit among us!

Thanks for your reply and how interesting that you have an apartment, presumably in Nesso...  Such great views and I would imagine you are slightly more fit when you leave, with all those stone staircases!  There are so many great walks around, but we have found many from these websites: (This is over on the western shore and runs from Colonno to Cadenabbia - well signed and really interesting, can be done in small bits.) (There are three walks from Bellagio, all of which are worth doing, particularly the one to the eastern hamlets which takes in Visgnola) You probably know about the ancient ways which run along both sides of the lake and the western side of the triangolo lariano: the Strada della Regina, the Strada del Viandante and the Strada Regia.  An author, Albano Marcarini, has written up the walks in stages in a series of lovely little books, which he has illustrated in watercolours and photos.  We are doing the Strada Regia from Brunate to Bellagio, which is in five parts.  We have done Brunate - Torno, Torno - Pognana and this summer did Pognana - Nesso.  Have a look at Marcarini's website where there are other walks, some in Switzerland and near Como, which can be downloaded. Finally, you also probably know about the Sacro Monte di Ossuccio with its 14 chapels.  We walked up the Via Crucis this summer from Ossuccio to the sanctuary at the top, slightly strenuous it has to be said in late June temperatures, but a great view of the lake from the top. And the bar behind the sanctuary was MOST welcome and their homemade pear and chocolate tart fantastic! Hope this is useful and would be nice to hear from you again.

Thank you very much for the information and the walking  links.It only serves to remind one how much there is to do in the area and I may well be asking you for more information down the line. As you guessed,we are in Nesso and regularly traipse up and down over 300 steps,so we can't be that unfit.I am always a bit bemused that although there is quite a lot of coverage of lake Como in the UK press it always concentrates on the western centro lago shore when there are so many other location options around the lake. Personally we wouldn't dream of swapping where we are for the better known and more expensive area across the water and your links have certainly whetted the appetite for exploring the lario triangle on foot. Please keep in touch via the forum or by PM if more appropiate