The right thing to do?

11/06/2010 - 04:04

Somewhat open mouthed to see a large ad for Giambrone on the front page of the Italy Mag website.   Now, I know we have to get money from where we can find it, but is Italy Mag really so desperate for ad income as to ally itself to such a company?  



I havent had problems with the firm, but many clients have.  The fact that Giambrone and Law no longer exists, and Giambrone Law operates out of Palermo should give an inkling as to why they don't have a UK presence - Google the press articles ignore the publicity..... 

Hello Ram Italy Magazine did not ally itself with any company. Giambrone Law have purchased advertising on the website in very much the same way that anyone else does.  Asking Italy Magazine to refuse advertising on the basis that some business entity that the owners of this company are involved with is not to be trusted is akin to asking Google, the Guardian, The Times or any such body not to accept advertising from BP, for example,  because they may harm the environment or from McDonalds because their food may cause child obesity. What rules do you suggest we apply when choosing or denying an ad and what thresholds should we set. Who decides who is wrong and who is right and who can advertise or not if not a court of law? Finally, as company that operates from Sicily and with a lot of Sicilians using the location of Palermo as a purely negative sign is not very nice. Having said all this - if you want to get in touch with us privately to offer more information we would be more than happy to hear you out.

Valentina,  I was not inferring that Palermo is a synonym for the mafia, which I assume is what you meant in your post - Giambrone is from palermo - and operates out of Palermo because he can longer, as far as I am aware, operate in the UK.  Google Giambrone + Solicitors Regulation Authority. I understand that Italy mag takes publicity on a pay and run system, like any other publication and market forces influence moral choices.  My point was that ITalymag as a font of knowledge and clear honest information does itself no favours being seen to promote a law firm that is the subject of countless law suits and disciplinary action.

Valentina, I think that you are being a bit harsh on Ram. Italy Mag is well-respected and facilitates our forum. We are not supposed to advertise bona fide businesses here as there is no payment for that. Though folk do discuss where they buy things etc so it is a bit confusing. But what is not confusing is that, according to these pages, many people have been ' stung' with no recourse to law - and the many reasons why are well-documented here. It would be a complete travesty if all these firms had carte blance to advertise here. Ram is, as are others,  right to point out to the rest of us, who, what , how and why to avoid. That is one of the main reasons that people join the forum and indispensable advice has been offered. I for one have managed to avoid costly and fearful situations due to members, as I am sure many others have too. This all being so, then you should not be surprised for being criticised  when we Forum members see said 'stingers' adverts. End of.