Wifi posts in Cassino area?

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05/08/2010 - 13:21

Ciao, My mum (living in La Spetina - just above Belmonte Castello) says there is a post marked "Internet" just gone up outside her house. I am going to take a computer over for her, so she can stay in touch with [relative] ease, and I asked her was she sure it's not a mobile phone mast - she says it definitely says "internet" - Does anyone know anything about these posts? Will it be a community access wifi spot? I don;'t ant to take over an iPad and find it's a phone mast, nor do I fancy two trips - one to check and one to take gear! There is no point checking with her neighbours, as they are her age and farmers and don't even have telefonini (brain cancer and other judgements abound!)   Any knowledge of this would be greatly appreciated.   d



I have a house near Atina (on the Sora road from Cassino) and use a mobile phone for an internet connection when I am there.  A friend who has a house the other side of Cassino in San Andrea also has problems with a connection and has to come to Cassino and sits in the cafe in Archie or in MacDonalds to get a connection.  We have both never seen these masts/signs.  Would it not be worth taking over the laptop just in case it is genuine and can be used? Sorry I cannot help further. maralyn

   Hi just noticed your comment about internet in Cassino I had seen that there was a connection at Mac`s. So when I was over at our house in Cassino  I checked it out but was dissapointed as I could not get a conection  I only tried in the car park.  I then went into Cassino and tried several spots near the Esso petrol station  and found an unsecured connection I received and sent emails and left I believe its ilegal to use a connection like this. Is this true? Anyway I look foreward to seeing if there is going to be further progress in the public Wi Fi. David

Hi I have a house in San Michele near Cassino and I use 'wind' mobile interent, it costs 15 euro a month (top up) and is fantastic, you can use a skype phone FREE and also you can use webcam streaming to your folks back home in the UK, it really is excellent and quite cheap. Hope this helps.

Hi all,   Thanks for the replies. I'll have my iPhone with me, so I'll see whether or not she truly has an "Internet" post! Hopefully yes. I'll let you know the result when I'm back in July (or - if she has wifi, I'll do it while I'm there).   d

I just got off the phone to dear mama, and aside from complaining about electricity bills, she said the il sindaco told her it was an Internet post. So interesting.... I know there was a move to bring Internet connectivity to the rural South. She's about as rural as you get! Atina's a metropolis!   More info on my return, but interesting nonetheless.

Nothing terribly dramatic! The broadband wifi posts are indeed outside mum's house, and are indeed being charged up through her electricity! She gets a signal in her house, but it is wep locked. I spoke to the sindaco, who said it's a trial and is currently only available to the post office, the commune and the chemist. However, we found open wifi in a couple of places (which are apparently public, so all's well in that respect): in Atina, near the square, and in Ponte Melfa (Atina Inferiore), in a bar opposite a phone shop. The chemist in Belmonte has told her to take the computer to him and he'll pop i the commun password, so all's more or less well.   On the larger front - the provision for public Internet access in [southern] Italy is dire, and the government should be embarrassed. The few public spots I found are so weak as to be nigh on useless, and the genral attitude when you ask as to there being public wifi, is to be directed to a betting shop with wired Internet access on a pay per session basis. Poor show!