Finally arrived in Florence.

Alba Image
11/21/2010 - 06:09

Ciao, We have finally arrived in Florence although Pickfords will not be arriving with all our furniture until Wed, firstly does anyone know who we need to contact to ensure that there is parking available for the lorry, Pickfords have offered us the option of their agent in Italy doing this for us but would like £500..!!.  We are going to need a landline telephone not only for calls but also so we can have broadband, can anyone advise us on who we need to contact. Many thanks from a very very wet Florence. Alba. 



Good Luck!  Having just experienced a disastrous move ourselves, I would highly recommend that you allow Pickfords to pass over EVERYTHING to their Italian partners and let them take care of it.  Depending on where you are you may need a trans-ship vehicle (ie a smaller one) and a permesso from the Vigili Urbani for access and parking.  They normally require a week's notice if you need to close the road.  In bocca al lupo... :)