Buon Natale e un Felice Anno Nuovo.Hope everyone has

12/22/2010 - 06:32

Buon Natale e un Felice Anno Nuovo.
Hope everyone has a good Christmas with plenty of good food, good company and presents; wether you're celebrating in Italy or elsewhere.
Flip. smiley



And to you Flip and all other members of our community. Celebrating at home in Italy and amazingly for those tradionalists amongst us, ordered sprouts for the local supermarket yesterday and picked them up this morning. So a Merry Christmas to the Happy Supermarket, Conad in Piano di Falerone, where nothing is too much trouble!

Dear Flip, dear all, wish you a happy Christmas.. and to eat a lot of Panettone! laugh Have you done your own Presepe or are you going to visit one? I'll stay in Italy this year, with my ond and "new" family! What a better way to celebrate Christmas?