Need an energy consultant

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01/25/2011 - 09:10

Hello, this is my first post on this forum.  I am about to complete on land and a ruin in Teramo province of Abruzzo.  I plan to build 2 timber frame houses, and a pool and am considering all the options to minimize energy consumption.  Have read lots of posts on the subject and yes i know it has been done to death ! but 'Badger' seems to be the expert so this is particularly aimed at you, Do you know anybody who offers a consultancy service covering all energy sources.  I want to try to integrate everything at the start but need advice on size and capacity of various options. Grateful for any advice really. Thanks John



Thanks Badger, will get in touch with sagraiasolar in due course but i am very interested in having a geothermal heat pump as part of the system, so may i contact you at a later date if necessary ? Thanks John

Hi jmh, Forget about all the expensive sophisticated energy sources. You're building a brand new timber framed house just insulate the hell out of it 30 cm in the walls, 45 cm in the roof and 20 cm in the floor and you can forget about heating and cooling requirements or you'll need just the bear minimum!! And that is simple to fix with a stufa and/or a small split system at high level. For DHW a small solar panel with 200/300 litres and a water manteled stufa wood or pellet. Cheap as cheese and costs nowt to run!! All you're really trying to do is avoid heat loses and gains to have an ambient indoor climate!!