Who is andrea???

12/12/2012 - 12:55

I've just received several emails from andrea@istos.it telling me my membership of several groups on this site has been accepted. Has a mod woken up or am I being spammed/phished/f**ked???


The site was down earlier for 'maintenance' and I did see the elusive Ronald online as well. Maybe they have got their act together and it will become like a proper moderated internet forum.......then again neeer !!

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the link which has a 7 in front of the italymag address which could be a spoof site set up for phishing purposes (still under construction at present). what concerns me is how andrea got email addresses, is it posible that site has been hacked? hope not.

The link actually says Site under maintenance A new ITALY website is being tested - check back in the new year for updates If you are here because you received a notification from the site we apologize and will update you via email on when you can actually test it out. Thank you for your patience.   So does this mean a they actually care about what goes on on 'their' Forum and like a new broom  Andrea will be the new Moderator after Valentina, or whatever she was called??   Believe it when I see it!!

When you get an e-mail from someone, then you have a look at the source - andrea's e-mail came from a decent IP address, was using the account webmaster at ipsos.it, could be responded to, and was created using Drupal stuff. That is all completely compatible with it coming from Ronald Ashri's perfectly respectable organisation, and the same Ronald is the admin on this Italymag site. The link it entirely unthreatening (I think it's historic). So - my guess is that this andrea was experimenting with a bit of code which needed an address list, so he used something out of the Italymag site (quite legitimately), and there was either a glitch in the coding or something else went slightly wrong and unintentionally the mailer sent all this rubbish out to worry the nervous amongst you! Having said all that, it would be nice to get a quick "oops, sorry" from the admin.

Hey everyone, apologies for the emails sent out yesterday. We are working on a new site for ITALY Magazine and yesterday transferred over all accounts in preparation for launch in January. Checkout the newsletter tomorrow for some more information. You don't need to do anything with regards to the email and we will keep you posted on when the change will happen. The changes don't affect the community site as much other than integrating it more tightly with the rest of the site. A presto! ITALY Team ps: Andrea apologizes personally as well -  he is a real person and is rather concerend about all the sudden attention he is getting :-)

Haha the oracle has spoke!  I wonder if the powers that be have decided to give us a decent forum interface after finally realising this one isn't very user friendly! It's time for conspiracy theories folks - has Ronald revamped Drupi Drupal?  Has there been a colpo stato?  Who is Italy Admin?  Does anyone even really care? The plot thickens......

I have had loads of the emails. What is concerning me more, however, is that I keep getting a stupid pop-up at the end of the page which I have to constantly close every minute. Has anybody else got this? are you reading administrator? Never had this before