Windows and doors

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12/28/2012 - 14:47


We are thinking of converting the cantinas and part of the quote was for two exterior double glazed PVC type windows and two internal doors. The cost came to €2000 for the windows and  €1500 for the two doors and €6000 for a wooden staircase. Can anybody recommend a good builder that is not going to charge the earth and think because we are English ( Welsh Actually) that we are made of money. We have a house in the Lunigiana area of Tuscany!

Depending on size the cost for the doors seems about right the windows at 1k each seems steep for uPVC. The staircases are usually metal frame and wooden treads this is the most popular 'new' staircase and should cost about 2 or 3k tops for one run. If you have all wood frame, tread, risers etc then the cost should be no more than 5K.

Doors are ridiculously overpriced here, even the internal ones. We had all our internal ones brought over from the UK, and a local carpenter made the frames and fitted/ varnished the doors (7 in all ). Cost was about  3500 Euro, including the UK purchase price. External door bought here at E 1800, has had to be refixed twice, ( warped and would not shut and then would not lock a year or so later ). Best one we had before coming here was made for a French house we had at about E500 and fitted perfectly. Both external doors were Chestnut wood. Window price for 13 UPVC under E 4500, excluding the shutters, which were as expensive

I agree with Badger, PVC windows and doors are expensive in Italy, particularly if we talknabout top-of-the-range, double-glazed ones. On the other hand, they are great and you will save lots of money on your energy bills. Try to get three different quotes to compare prices.

We are in Ameglia and had windows installed by of Sarzana. I recommend them, they are very straightforward. Minimal English, but they'll try (good French). We paid about 600E per window as replacements, but the cost varies with size, features, and quality. You want at least medium frame strength as vinyl ( PVC) can have sag problems, particularly in casement designs.  I find Italian workers and contractors to be at least as honest as their counterparts in the US. You need to know every last detail of the construction and materials and the options to make an informed judgement.