Pylons on the march in Marche/Abruzzo from Fano to Teramo

01/21/2013 - 12:31

Many of you will already know this via the Facebook site "Preserve and Promote a Peaceful Marche" those that don't an electricity company "Terna" is proposing a the building of a corridor of electricity pylons right down the mountains through Marche and into Abruzzo. Locals and incomers are agitating to prevent such an ecological/tourism catastrophe and it is to be hoped that the whole thing falls apart.Much info available on the above Facebook page, which is a closed group but no doubt very happy to accept concerned new members



I believe it was agreed 10yrs ago and, dare I has already changed hands..... I do really think EVERYbody should be opposing this....we live in such an unspoilt, natural landscape, before you know it ........they will be heading your way soon     Plan is to take electricity from photo voltaic farms in the south up to the north  ?  So best to take it through beautiful, unspoilt mountain route with few peeps that will have to paid compensation....Do not think you will not be affected, proposed route may need tweeking ????

We are in Abruzzo, Chieti province,do you have information on where these pylons will be sited? Are they erecting new or just replacing the old pylons?                                

Terna, the company that runs the national grid is planning to build an electroduct of the largest kind the stand well over the size of normal pylons with usually three levels of arms. i've seen the planned  zone of the line which will come past san ginesio -sarnano - sant angelo in pontano - penna san giovanni- smerillo/montefalcone thru to roccafluvione- towards ascoli and then over to teramo.whilst it's not easy to see exactly where the line itself will pass it certainly looks like the medio val tenna will be affected and will probably cut right across the valley which at the moment is like a picture frame to the monti sibillini....there are already groups of people protesting but traditionally in Italy public opinion is generally apart from immense damage to the landscape and it's touristic vocation,it will effect neighbouring real estate values and for those lucky people who find it "over their heads" health risks from electro magnectic fields created...oh yes..and no benefit in terms of more/better electricity in the areas where it passes..........................  

very glad to see this being raised here. There is a meeting in San Severino at the Cinema Italia at 1730 this Fri 25th which I think will be well attended. I will be there with a group of other stranieri Inglesi. If you have a home in this beautiful area please do join the preserve group on facebook or the Italian group No elettrodotto Macerata group for updates and information. its going to be tough to fight things agreed 'oh so quietly' years back but it seems that finally people who live here are understanding what was agreed without their knowledge and they are not happy at all. The consequences for health, the beauty of the area and tourist income are all dreadful. Please spread the word, we must fight this.

it seems,after a" raising of shields"of a lage number of mayors of municipalities along the proposed corridor that things are on hold.No it has nothing to do with wind farms/or photovoltaic farms in the south to answer a question.This will/'would have been "the big time" we're looking at 380.000 not "replacing existing pylons" these are really gigantic and have three very big "arms"  on each side (there are none that big anywhere currently around the areas where it is/was proposed)and it is that which has worried people, the "plan"is/ was to carry high voltage to the north directly from Albania (?) to the north of italy from "around" Teramo north to Fano( avoiding the coastal areas with a higher population = greater opposition)Terna the company who were planning this is not just an "electric company" but the società that runs the national grid.As far as "precise" siting is/was concerned it is impossible to say because they have "covered"them selves indicating a very wide corridor which indicates at least three or four possible "routes"this keeps opposers in confusion/doubt.There is no doubt that there would be no material (ie.electrical)benefits for the areas affected by the line (so no more or better service) for these areas.Of course ,in the case of expropriation there is compensation but no choice.Worse (almost) would be for those neighbouring the line as they would get no compensation but would see a serious fall in their property values,get the "eyesore", and the added benefit of electro magnetic radiation fields which can be damaging to health,not to mention the implicit damage to landscape and the concerns regarding tourism...there's plenty of meat on the bone!

Do you have info on the three possible routes,the wide corridor? We are in Abruzzo, Chieti province near Atessa.Confusion yes,in the countryside yes,no large population yes,less opposition!!They certainly have it covered.We bought in this area for its wonderful unobstructed views and no polution.Very large areas of Abruzzo are national parks but these company giants probably have this covered also.Dont want my brain frying!!! Please keep in touch.

"......... the added benefit of electro magnetic radiation fields which can be damaging to health ........" A common urban myth - otherwise electric train drivers would all be dead early as they spend all their working lives about 10 feet below 25kV power lines. EMF/EMI 'forces' from Power lines are [measured at ground level] much lower than the output from many houshold appliances And I would hate to see power lines crossing the countryside [but don't know what the economical alternatives are]