Living in Italy with business in UK

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01/20/2013 - 15:23

HiI'm looking to hear from any British expats now living and resident in Italy, that have a UK based business.I'm an Italian resident, and have just setup a new business in the UK. It's a ltd company and has no employees.I'm very familiar with the legal considerations for doing this, both on the UK and Italian side - what I'm looking for is to hear about people's experience in running a business from abroad.I'm particularly interested to hear from anybody that lives in Italy, but hA a company in the UK with employees and a physical office there. Interested to hear about the practical side of that.Look forward to hearing from you



Hi The business is already setup. Software and online services so all virtual for now. Launch product late February. The questions really relate to how we deal with growth. Yes we are a tech business so we can operate 'virtually', but up to a point. My business partner is based in Sweden and we contract people from all over the world already. Works ok. More problematic is if and when we need to take people on more permanently. Again, one or two people could perhaps work remotely, and we could reconnect every few weeks physically - particularly because to satisfy the Italian authorities that the business is UK based only, we need to show that not only important decisions are 'made' in the UK, but also that those decisions are 'executed' there also. I should mention that this is an important consideration because I, as the MD and majority shareholder, being an Italian resident, would need to register this activity. Difficult to map out our growth path exactly. The considerations are twofold - fiscal and tax jurisdiction and then practical logistics. Interested I hear both perspectives... Thanks

    Re growth and new employees, suggest that they 'become' Freelance Professional, then they can invoice your company for 'Professional Services 'which can include Sales, Development, Marketing etc; a system we use in Italy. You should have the services of a good Commercialista here so ask for advice from him/her on liabilities etc.

    you DEFINITELY need a good one of those. And probably a lawyer. Don't know the Italian system but in the Uk courts and tax aythorities routinely look behind the paperwork to ascertain the actual position. Just because a contract says someone is working as a freelance doesn't mean that will be accepted. If actually the coditions are such that they look like an employee, then that is what they may turn out to be. I use antonio del gaizo who has offices in uk and italy and understands both systems.  his advert is above

    Many thanks for your comments. The reason I chose the UK is because that's where I'm from.  Know the system well, and it's an efficient and effective system comparatively speaking. thanks for the suggestin of your advisor... Yes the 'freelance' route is an option, but it's not an entirely robust solution for us. I think it could work initially, but I want my ducks to be in a row on this business as we already have potential investors talking to us, and I don't want any grey areas that could be flagged under due diligence reviews. many thanks for your thoughts