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05/10/2012 - 13:28


Gabriele Giambrone's firm - Giambrone & Giambrone - were heavily endorsed and advertised on this (old) forum. Many people - including forum members fell for his flashy way of "doing business".  Of course, I was banned for trying to warn people to be careful, but have I ever told you about.... Nah, never mind - not worth the hassle.

You'll be telling us next not to give to Charities advertised  on a forum Esme........ sureley no one would take advantage of good community spirrited types on here. wink

Flip, you (and everyone else here) can do whatever you please - so long as you don't cry when the milk gets spilled all over the stable floor! You'd be amazed at what sometimes goes on behind the scenes - spelling lessons being only one thing!

Giambrone has been struck off the Register of European Lawyers and ordered to pay costs of 70.000 euros.  Of course this doesnt mean that he cant still operate in Italy, but with charges filed in the UK and this latest ruling,  the writing may be on the wall.