Popular Tourist Attraction for Italy Trip

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02/05/2013 - 03:34

Hi,Any One suggest to me, Which location move to Italy, How many popular tourist attraction in Italy



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Italy ranked  5th most popular destination in world , known for number of best places tovisit in Are . Northern Shores are popular for their lakes views , lake garda , Como ae best Destination to visit. I totally Fall in love with Italian Beauty , culture , Environment , Mountains , views , Their living Styles .There are Number Of places to Visit in Italy , anyone can found just by searching with web . Few of them areVenice , Florence , Cinque Terre ,Amalfi Coast ,Siena ,Valley of the Temples, Trevi Fountain ,Frasassi Cave ,Trulli di AlberobelloNo Doubt Rome an obvious stop for anyone trip to Italy , With All That Italian Como takes more experience for your visit .North Italy is one of pupular destination that is followed by most of  foreigners to explore property , lake views , weddings , golfings , mountain views etc .For knowing more places or destinations to visit in north italy visit site http://bit.ly/11Yylhv