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02/08/2013 - 09:13

Can anybody tell me where to by radiators from other then the main diy stores such as brico and leroy merlin.



your heating system whatever fuel you use HAS to be put in by a qualified plumber/heating engineer at the end of his installation he has to give you a very lengthy document itemizing all works done the tech spec of everything and sign it off.This is an essential document in order to obtain habitabilty for your house,without this document your heating system risks being worthless should you ever come to sell the house.IF, the issue is the price of radiators you can get your plumber/heating engineer to give you a full itemized estimate indicating the number/kind/quality of radiators required.The number of radiators required is usually not an opinion but based on an engineers calculations re. heating capacity/cubic metres of rooms etc .This is definitely NOT terrain for DIY initiatives even if you feel capable of installing radiators yourself. I've noticed that you ask a number of questions but never come back concerning the answers or information people give..........

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Yes Sabastiano is correct, I am a registered plumbing / Heating engineer here in Italy, but many hundreds of km further south than you, but if you explain what system youn have or want and what style of radiators you are looking for I will send you details of a couple of suppliers in your area. Rgds, Steve.

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I dunno - it is a long time ago that I specced radiators in the UK, but I never had to deal with minimum cost rads, but I doubt they'd be more expensive here. I was fairly keen on the Tubor range here in Italy (for aesthetics and efficiency) - but then there was la vicenda Tubor which kind of knocked them out of contention! I'd suggest a google.it search on termosifoni - if you are concerned about the aesthetic, choose a model you fancy, but then defer to your plumber (unless you have a good architect on board) for sizes. Although, it isn't rocket science (there are plenty of online apps) for you to calculate how much heat you want to push into a room, and thus how big a radiator you need. Your opinion might not accord with the plumber's opinion. They tend to average stuiff out over the whole house, and get fixated on zona notte and zona giorno - nothing wrong with that calculation - but if you want to design in a "snug" they probably won't grasp that concept.

I wonder if you have considered the idea of not having rads at all. UFH is always better for living rooms and with their faster response times I would always go for fan/coils in bedrooms.  As your system - I hope - should be heat pump ready then this set up would be ideal.  There's a heating seminar here on March 18th - I'll PM you the details in case you'd like to get to grips with all the issues before you spend any money.