Wi-Fi around the house

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02/09/2013 - 09:55

Forgive me please for a very stupid question but what experience do people have of wi-fi in old houses with 1m thick walls? Before I get Telecom Italia in to take a look, I'd appreciate some feedback from people who may have done it. We'd obviously position the box somewhere central but does the signal really make it through thick walls or does it, as someone told me, go round walls? (Technology is not my forte, as you can see.)



There is a lot of information from past threads if you enter the words "wifi modem" located at the top of the page, on your right. Last year, I purchased a WIFI modem from TIM and I am very happy with the results. I must say that our house fits your description.

Telecom Italia will rent you a wi-fi router. If the signal drops when you go out of the room where the router is located you will need some boosters. I have three in my house and get wi-fi everywhere (even in the garden). Once telecom have done their bit (for me they just posted the router and left me to install it which was no problem - connect the electricty and the phone line and tap in the password (located on the underside of the router) into your pc). For the boosters i used a computer shop man - he came out and checked how many i needed and in which locations and then installed them. Simple really....