How do you get a numero civico? And also - how much is it to get a telephone line!?

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03/18/2013 - 18:32

I bought a derelict farmhouse in Marche several years ago. It was renovated with the services of an architect, and I obtained a certificato di agibilita when the renovation was complete. Just one thing - I seem to be missing my house number. I live on a rural "white road", so it is not obvious what my number might be. All documentation about my house seems to use the "s.n.c" abbreviation after the road name, but this is beginning to become problematic - for example I can't even apply for a telephone land line on the Telecom Italia site without a house number. So, my question - is this normal? What should I do to obtain a house number?The phone line is another story though (and after many years I am now desperate for internet access and outside of the range of Getby or Fidoka!) - the telephone line poles run across the end of my driveway but my house has never been connected up. Does anyone have any experience of how painful getting that sorted might be, the time scales and the likely cost involved?Thanks in advance for your help with these small issues :o)



For your numero civico, you must contact your local Comune. Actually, once a building is completed and becomes habitable, it is compulsory to obtain a numero civico.  Regarding your telephone connection, no idea. Perhaps someone with experience on new connections may advise.

I recall hearing some time ago that ENEL compiled the first national database of Italian addresses some years ago, and that it had become a sort of default standard used by other utilities. No idea how true that is, but it makes a sort of sense. Does your ENEL bill - assuming you have one - have a number?

As far as the numero civico is concerned,you might be pleasantly suprised to find you already have one even if you are unaware of it..just an hour or so in the comune or a couple of visits and you should be able to get that sorted out.if you have a good rapport with your geometra go with him that can speed things just as talking directly to the sindaco as opposed to a retard in the office. Telecom can be a little more complex however possible.Do not even try to do this kind of thing "on line" or over the phone just won't'll have to try and get an appointment in Ascoli or wherever at the Telecom.They will have to do a sopraluogo at your place to see exactly where they'll have to go with their line/poles(not necessarily will it be anything to do with nearby lines it may come from somewhere else)only aftyer that you'll get their costing which has to be paid up front.Then the pratica will be put in their agenda of things to do,it took us all together around three months BUT they put in a new line thru 3 kms of steep woodland and proportionally to the job cost very must make clear that you want both the land line and ASDL so you'll get a new kind of line,tell em you need it also for your business's worth the hassle we've had virtually no problems with land line dsl/phone.don't listen to brits who tell you you won't get a line!

I have just organised a Telecom line for a friend. A new line had to be run to the house and the client pays a proportion of the cost - in this case it came to 2700 euro and it took more than six months and a great deal of chasing. Before deciding on having a phone line, I would look at a fast internet service - see for example - because with a really fast connection, a Skype phone and one of the Skype unlimited call tariffs is much less expensive than Telecom and the call quality is good. This would also be a much faster option - you could have it installed and working within weeks rather than months. I have no vested interest - this is just an option I'm considering for myself. Friends have just signed up and I'm waiting with interest to see how well it works for them.

In my experience, I have never had problems with Telecom connecting up an snc address.  However, it doesnt have anything to do with the agibilità/abitalbilita but with the destination of the property.  If your house was a barn or something it might not have had a numero civico, but when you changed the destination with your concessione edilizia it should be allocated one.  Re the phone line - you could think of the new line of sight dishes that are becoming popular - in my area there are various companies, but you could try googling - theres a company called which operates round le Marche, as well as  wimax comapnies such as  Google wimax MArche and youll see the options. 

With Tooway or Wimax you really need to have, to have good internet e.g. for work or whatever... as the cost is well above €30/month. Price is coming down, but if it's bog standard email, Facebook stuff mobile BB if your covered is fine. Even Skype if you have good HSDPA access.... Cost of mobile BB is under €20/month...