Driving to Italy in the summer, need to arrange European Breakdown Cover for Peace of Mind......who do you use?

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04/08/2013 - 16:12

As above, i take it all you drivers arrange cover;Which companies do you use and what are prices like?


We use AA European cover and have done for years. Cost depends on car type/age and length of cover. I think we paid about £80/90 last year for an 8yr old Jag for about 18 days single trip insurance. We get a bit of a discount for being AA members. Possibly not the cheapest but covers a range of eventualities. Probably best to shop around though. Hve a great trip. We're really looking forward to our road trip to Italy in July.

Last couple of years used EBC.com euro breakdown with green flag, cost £45. i had cause to use them last year, for the first time !, and they were excellent and very helpful and gave me several different ways to choose from to get me home. 1st class service with a smile. 

I have MB cover for 3 years on my main car, which I did have to use when I got a bad misfire in Germany (a software problem for heavens sake). They were bloody awful as it's all done via a London call centre. For my Italian car I have Green Flag, only used it once (needed new battery) and they were very good. I do the personal cover which covers me wherever I am and applies no matter what car I'm driving so I guess I'm fully covered, possibly excessively.

I recently changed my insurance to Swinton and they offered me breakdown cover including European for just over £10/month.  I currently have a free 3 month deal with the RAC but Swinton said I could sign-up for their cover now and have it start when my existing one stops on 1st June.  Swinton also gives the first 3 months free, you only pay per month and you can cancel after the free period is up with nothing paid, or at any time thereafter.  As I'm going to Italy in mid-June for a few weeks this is great and has saved me the entire cost of European breakdown cover.  I drive an 11 year old Volvo and they were fine with that, some companies won't quote on that age of vehicle.

The new Nationwide Flex Direct Plus account has free Britannia Rescue European recovery insurance, travel insurance, & various other bits & bobs thrown in. Worth checking out. It covers any car & was cheaper than renewingmy AA policy! FlexPlus Benefits Worldwide Travel Insurance (max age 75). Mobile Phone Insurance (up to £1,000). Breakdown Cover (even if it’s not the account holder’s car). 3% Interest on Balances up to £2,500. Access to Nationwide’s Flex- product range. Free cash withdrawals overseas. http://www.nationwide.co.uk/current_account/flexplus/default.htm In bocco al lupo  

Just about to arrange Saga motor insurance... cheapest for 365 days European travel. See this site....  http://www.money.co.uk/car-insurance/unlimited-european-car-insurance.htm They also offer all-in breakdown insurance, including European cover for £60, only £18 more than Green Flag, so I will go for that too for convenience.  I have insured with Saga before I hate to say ;-( and you have to be careful as they really hike their prices up after a year...