Best wood in terms of size and type for Helios multi-fuel termocamino

04/18/2013 - 13:53

Having got through some Winter months fathoming our new heating system....a combination of solar panels and a Helios H27 Eco-termocamino which burns wood, pellets, maize, pomace (noccioline)....I'd like to try and concentrate more on wood next Winter. The floor of the stove is 55 x 55cm (opening is 55cm too) but I'm curious to know what would be the very best type of wood to order this Summer in time fro Winter in terms of type of wood, cut (whole or split logs) and size. Any thoughts....? It's now switched off and we're operating solely on the solar panel...yippee...but I'm already planning a more efficient next Winter!



Split wood will be easier, but more expensive (if you can source un-split wood that is...). Split from the ferramentas here comes in 25cm, 33cm and 50cm, think 50cm would suit, but look at the manual for Helios. Using a wood burning stove we have found Beech (Faggio) best for starting off and then Oak (Quercia) later, we probably burn 2:1 Beech/Oak.

Ask around locally as to which wood supplier your neighbours would recommend. Many do not advertise and rely on word of mouth. Mention your contact's name and you are less likely to be fobbed off with poor quality wood. They will supply the local wood and will usually cut it to your specfications. We have found oak and hornbeam (carpino) to be the best - both seem to be in abundant supply.

Be careful where you buy around here Rachel...the "largest" supplier has a reputation for cheating on quantity.  Often, if you get the wood delivered (which is the only way to do it unless you just fill the boot of a car) he sends it out without the print off that shows the actual weight loaded...