Perugia Airport

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05/11/2013 - 17:20

Perugia Airport..Hi,Perugia Airport has had free parking for the last few years.Apparently since January this year they have introduced parking payment..The car park has always been full of Uk reg cars and I just wonder if anybody has tried to remove their cars since the charges were implemented.Since they built the new car park our cars were "moved" without a problem.I have got no problem paying new charges but just need to know if we need to rent a car in advance.We arrive in Italy early June.Many thanks if anyone can help...please!



I think I read from previous posts that the charges are waived for anyone who left a car there before the charges arrived....  however if you find yourself inconvenienced in any way have a chat with Francesco at the Avis desk... he's a good man and speaks English too... best place to hire from too as the rest of the plane will be queued up at the sponsored Hertz desk and Avis pre booked is quite cheap.  I wonder what the situation would be if you got a new ticket from the entry machine and then used that to drive out???  One of the car parks is free for an hour anyway.

Thank you so much for that,It's going to be interesting whichever way it goes! If we have an issue might just try getting an entry ticket and see what happens,never even though of that. Just flown back into Gatwick and they have a photo of the reg number,time and date on the ticket..not sure if Perugia has that technology yet.Will let you know and thanks again. Will check on Avis hire as well..been ripped off that many times by Hertz/Ryanair for(non)damage,empty tank etc..hence was cheaper to buy car and leave it at the airport. Thanks again,your help is much appreciated

Here is a link to the Perugia Airport Parking information on their website: It looks as if they do have a licence number recognition scheme - but they do also offer an annual sucbscription with unlimited entry/exit which may be worth it if you visit frequently or for long periods when rental car charges would soon mount up.