Planning permission needed and / or tax payable?

phileas Image
05/20/2013 - 12:18

Hi,Does any one know if any form of planning permission would be needed for a metal storage container similar to shipping containers, but one that flat packs?The container is the sort of thing that is often used as secure storage on a building site.When erected, the container will measure about 6 metres long, 2.1 metres wide and 2.1 metres high and would be near Lago D'Orta, Novara province, Piemonte.There would be full height, full width opening doors at one end only. No windows.It does not require a concrete base or foundations. It is not bolted or fixed to the ground in any way.When erected, it just sits on it's own built in feet that run across the width of the container. It can be picked up by a forklift truck or by a crane, even when it has 2,500kg load inside.My thinking had been that as it is a totally portable, self contained (no pun intended!)  and temporary unit, no permissions should be needed, nor any tax payable, but I have not had this confirmed.Hopefully someone will be able to advise me as I am having problems confirming what the official position will be as my Italian is limited and certainly not up to legal speak!