Info about Italian taxes

06/26/2013 - 12:16

Hello. I would like some info about Italian taxes. If i am an employee in Italy how much tax allowance i can get. For example if i get 15000 all year i multiply by 23% directly or i get some allowance?? thanks


There is no personal allowance in Italy but there is a system of tax credits which are awarded on the basis of type of income and family situation. On the basis of the information given below, and as a guideline only, the tax burden is likely to break down roughly as follows: 

  • Gross pay of €15,000
  • Gross income tax € 3100
  • Less : Tax credit for work as employee € 1400
  • Net income tax € 1700
  • Less: National insurance contributions (employee)  € 1300
  • Net annual pay € 11,700

This calculation is on the basis of an employee working in Livorno, Tuscany, where my office is based. Other Regions and Comuni will have different rates of local tax. The calculation does not take into account the family situation, such as wife or dependant children which would give rise to further tax credits.