B&B Insurance question.

07/12/2013 - 18:39

Hello All.Like many others I find myself out of work for the first time and am looking at ventures new. I am going down the bed and breakfast road which is something I had thought about for a long time but for later in life.My enquiry is does anybody know about insurance needed for having guests stay? I, perhaps naively, didn't really think about it as I thought guests would have their own. An American lady who is thinking about coming with a group to stay in October asked me if I had full liability cover and could I be sued in the USA if anything happened to one of the group? surprise I now have visions of someone throwing themselves down my stairs and them ending up living the Tuscan dream in my house.I tried the forum search but no old posts and google only show sites for UK quotes. Anyone had experience in this area and does it cost more than I am likely to earn?Thanks.


Generally third party liability cover comes (almost) free with your house (buildings) insurance - ask your bank, because often they offer a very good rate (but of course you should read the small print) - or check your insurance cover if you already have building insurance.Dealing with notoriously litiginous American people, maybe you should consider whether your cover is adequate (in dollar terms). I'm not speking from experience - I'm simply being cautious smiley

Fillide is quite correct in your needing third party insurance, but it would need to be for a B&B, not a normal house.If you haven't already done so, you need to sort out a contract for your guests to sign which should amongst other things state that any disputes will be settled under the laws of Italy. Good luck.