Adding my wife to home ownership

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09/15/2013 - 17:00

HI,I own a small apartment in Abruzzo and am the named owner of the property.  I have owned it for over 10 years, but think it is time to put the wife down as joint owner (just in case!).  No idea where to start nor how much something like that would cost me to do / or how long / difficult a process it will be.  Any help / advice gratefully received Grazie 



Hi,I have only had someone taken away from joint ownership, so the proces should be reverse.... you need to make an ammendment to the original property deed, with the named addition. A notary can do this for you but it would cost you a couple of thousand euros. I have used an official agent in the past whom can prepare, translate and book the appointment for you. You may have to wait a few weeks until you receive the deed back but is the legal way of doing things. Also be a good idea to re- word your british or Italian will as this would also protect your asset.hope this helps...

notary and transfer deed Hi I havent posted here for a while, I saw this post and thought I would add something... You cannot amend an original property deed, a new deed will be signed as though this is a "sale" of 50% to your wife. The Notary will look at all aspects of the property even the planning issues if you have done any works to it, to make sure your wife' s acquisition of a half share is valid. Bear in mind also that property tax will need to be paid on half. Charlotte

Hi, thank you for your addition Charlotte. I might have a similar issue. I have owned my house in Italy for ten years now and I would like to make sure if any thing should happen to me that it would pass automatically to my daughter. Would a will, english and Italian be sufficient or if I put her on the deeds is it the same as youve described above ie new deeds with her as 50% joint owner but new purchase tax of ?% to pay-plus Notaio fees, it could get quite expensive.. any info welcome, shas

As the house owner of property in Italy your property would be subjected to the Italian law - this is due to change in 2015 where you can choose the country that deals with your inheirtance - although it will probably default to Italy or at least you would need to have your Will(s) written in Italian. Currently under Italian Law your property would automatically go to your wife unless you specified otherwise in which case 50% would go to your wife and the other 50% you are free to donate to whom you wish.  So I would suggest definitely having something written legally in Italian where your wishes are expressed clearly would ensure your wife gets your property. I hope this clarifies things a little - there is an inheritance guide on this website if you go to the home page,

Trilly is not absolutely right.  Under Italian law, if you died tomorrow the property would be divided between your wife and children, depending how many children you have - but basically 50/50.  You can choose now whether you want your Italian property to be treated under UK law simply by being British national, but you will have to write a holographic will that says this, in Italian and in longhand.  To put someone on the deeds is not simple.  It would take a sale or a donation - both have a cost and a donation can be contested within 10 years of it being made.