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10/03/2013 - 03:53

i have a house in codiponte and i have ralsied i have not paid ici tax for 2 years.  is there an office i can contact (i dont speak italian so i would have to email them) to find out how much i owe.  how come i havent had any letters to say how much to pay.  i had a friend who use to calculate it for me but we lost contact hope you can help


ICI tax doesn't exist any more - its now IMUNo charge if its 'prima casa' - but second homes and holiday homes have to pay.They don't tell you how much to pay. You can email the Comune, when I do I send in English, with a 'Google Translation'Due in June and December each yearFor my place its about double the ICI tax, and payments are split between Comune and Central Gov'tI pay it through my bank, downloading the on-line form from my Comune website, which calculates the tax to pay [not all do this]Do a 'search' on how to calculate & payThe penalties for late payment are not that bad.You may, initially, need a local help to set things up Good Luck 

I thought the IMU tax had been suspended this year.  It is due to be replaced with a new Tax (Tari / Tasi) which was announced in August 2013There was no need to pay the IMU tax for 2013 as it was suspended awaiting the government decision ...hope I am right! 

I believe IMU is suspended for a Prima Casa, but not on 2nd homes/holiday homes According to the 'Torygraph' [24/09/2013];-  http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/expat-money/10320208/Expats-in-Italy-hit-by-new-taxes-and-reporting-rules.html"The one piece of good news is the scrapping of the controversial municipal real estate tax (IMU) for the 2013 fiscal year for home owners. IMU is an annual levy paid by the property owner.However, second homes or holiday homes will continue to be subject to IMU for 2013. IMU will be replaced by a service tax, which comes into force next year.The service tax is expected to combine all present local taxes, such as waste collections, in one bill. While calculated on a national basis, it should allow more autonomy for municipal authorities to set the tax rates.Italy's Deputy Economy Minister Pier Paolo Baretta confirmed that IMU will be superseded before the end of this year by the service tax.This could spell bad news for expats who rent property in Italy or are provided with accommodation by their employer. Under the IMU regime, the tax was payable by the property owner, not the tenant. With the service bill, however, the burden shifts to the occupant.Currently, tenants are only liable to pay rent, condominium charges, and a refuse tax. ”So it all depends on whether you have a Pima Casa or not  [Usually depends on being 'Resident' in Italy]I must admit that a one-off Service Tax appeals to me - but I bet it will cost more.  And bit of a 'sting' for renters

I have a similar problem and need advice.  Tried to work out ICI / IMU for Migianico in Abruzzo.  Been on various websites but cannot seem to work it out.  I have a small apartment as a second home, 40 sqm.ANy help in advising me how much my bill would be would be great