Internet access - no landline

06/21/2012 - 17:04

We have a holiday home in Corinaldo. We don't have a landline. This summer my husband is having to work during our so-called holiday which means we need internet access at home. If we spend more time in Corinaldo we will need internet access at home anyway.Our local computer shop, IMEC, has suggested buying a pennetta (dongle?), but they warn the connection may not be great. Any ideas? Or any suggestions for wi fi access anywhere nearby?thanks.



I think it will probably depend on the signal strength where you are. We used a dongle recently at our house in Sarnano which worked pretty well for web browsing, email etc. It was a little slow for Skype but worked ok without video. Look out for introductory deals, we got 3 months access for 39 euros Cheers Pete

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Thanks Pete for taking the trouble to respond, we got a good deal too for a chiavetta (dongle) at Imech, our local electrical/electronic/ironmongery shop. It works quite well but rather slow. Anyway my husband filed his copy successfully. I was panicking unecessarily!

If you need a longer term solution, you could consider the Tooway Satellite Internet, the New system is  very fast and works well for streaming tv, voip telephone as well as the internet in general. They do a Pay As You Go system as well, so you only pay when you use it and there is no monthly payment. Check out or The system works pretty much anywhere in Italy.