Permesso di soggiorno help?

02/11/2011 - 13:27

Does anyone have any tips or advice on getting a permesso di soggiorno? I know that I need one as a non-Italian, living in Italy, but the guidelines are unclear. I've picked up the packet at the post office and given them all my documents. I've even been to the police station and been fingerprinted.  Now I'm not sure what to do?  How do you pick up the actual permesso di soggiorno? How do you know when it is ready?   Thank you for any help in advance!



Since 2007 as a European citizen you do not need a PdS.  If you are non European you do.  If you have got the yellow or blue pack, been to the questura and done your fingerprints, you hahve to return the forms with all the additions and enclosures and then wait.... and wait... Nowadays it seems that all PdS are done via Rome so its not like in the old days where your local questura did the paperwork.  You should however have a receipt to say that you've applied, so you can apply for residency during the wait. 

You should also get a personal code number when you have completed your paperwork and visits. This will allow you to access the Polizia dello Stato site which has an area (sportello per immigrazione) where you can find out if your permesso is ready for collection. (Again, this only applies to non EU citizens)

You should have received a form/receipt from the post office when you submitted your documents. Since you have already been to the immagrazione you just need to wait for them to contact you that your documents/card are ready. The receipt from the po has a code you can input into the following site: You should have provided the immagrazione with a cell and mail address, they will send you an sms or letter when the card is ready. You might also try stopping by that office after 3 weeks to ask if it ready. Ours was ready after 20 days but our letter arrived later.

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Thanks so much.  They do have my cell and mailing address, I was just afraid I would have to be doing some mind reading to know when it was done. Not really trusting them to tell me. It's been about two months now, but I suppose I will wait a little longer.

20 days is the normal waiting time once all your forms have been submitted. However mine still being processed has blown out to 2 months. The delivery from Rome seems to be the problem. Dont rely too much on the website to check on its arrival. My regional website hasnt been updated for over a month, try calling after 20 days rather than battling the crowds at the questura.