Land purchase

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12/15/2013 - 12:21

We would like to buy an additional  piece of land,  but have no idea how to get a market valuation  except by paying a Geometra to come out to see it and produce a valuation for us. In this early stage we are reluctant to waste money, when we only need a  fairly good estimate, rather than a  more accurate price. Then we will know if we are being taken for an expensive ride,and back  out very quickly. We do understand that  the whole process is much more complex than that, and if there is a real  prospect of going ahead we will  pay an agent to check  everything out for us very thoroughly, as we did for our original  purchase.Thank you.


I had this issue when I wanted to buy some land from a local farmer, and someone directed me to this website : This page is just for my area, but the website enables you to put in the region you are looking for and then within the document gives you the actual towns. This gives you the guideline for prices depending on what is growing on the land.

If you simply do a google search for 'Valori Agricoli Medi della provincia' and then add 'di' and the name of your province, that seems to work.Very interesting - just done that for Siena and it's quite revealing.   Not good however if the land you are buying is classified as being within a clasified DOC wine growing area!

Mainly it depends where you are and how big the land is.  If there is any possibility that the cubatura of the land can be used for building then the value goes up.  If its a piece of land, and thats it, then with current land prices it wont cost alot.  It does depend whats growing on it, if anything.   You can call a local FIAIP estate agent and ask them what the median price is for land in your area, and Im sure they would help if they can.