Italy Unpacked UK TV BBC2 9pm Friday

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01/12/2014 - 19:05

For all those lovers of Italy and all things Italian I can heartily recommend Italy Unpacked, which is being broadcast on BBC 2 at 9pm on Friday evenings in the UK.  Each programme is 60 minutes long and is presented by the chef Giogio Locatelli and the Art Historian Andrew Graham-Dixon.Let me know what you think!


I'm an avid fan and could happily watch these two every day of the week. It's not just the subject matter of the programme (art history and Italian cuisine( but the wonderful relationship between these two men. Both experts in their own field they have such respect for one another and both are keen to learn about their travel companion's passion. For those who haven't seen it yet I would say it's  a Must See for all lovers of Italy. Roll on 9pm!

Loved it.  We soak up anything about Italy............Montalbano, Property shows and this is a wonderful hour of viewing our favourite country through another's eyes.  We only have the opportunity to visit Italy 3 to 4 times a year due to elderly and ailing parent but fully intend to spend more time when we can and this helps ease the pain of separation!!

I'm delighted everyone's enjoying it.  The two guys are so knowledgeable in their own field of expertise and so enthusiastic - Giorgio is almost evangelical in his espousal of the virtues of Italian food; it translates well to the TV screen.  Personally though, i'd like a little more commentary from Giorgio on Italian wine.  We all know the food is fantastic but the wine can be very good too.  I've noticed that this series is a litte lighter on the wine consumption than series 1 and and Sicily Unpacked. Perhaps the BBC are looking to avoid any accusations of providing too much wine for their presenters!Final programme of this series is on next Friday, BBC2 9pm.If any of you have'nt seen Sicily Unpacked, or series 1 of Italy Unpacked its avaiable on Youtube.I suspect the next series will be on the South, then hopefully they'll go over to the east coast and then to Venice and the north east.  So....... I reckon thats another 3 series in the pipeline!