Central Heating /hot water boilers ...

04/27/2014 - 10:25

Central Heating /hot water boilers ...can anyone provide any info on what is a good make and any idea of costs ?  Also cost of radiators? Thanks. Ali



Hi AliHow big is the house? How many bathrooms? Is it in a town/village where you have city gas or is it in the country?How many radiators will you need? I assume the insolation is limited but how is the climate where you are?Will you use the house all years round or will it only be on special occacions?I will be in Abruzzo from next week and if you are close to where I am I can bring somebody who can give a quote. I am near Sulmona/Pratola.If you can answer my questions I think I can give you a rough idea of what the prices should be. Remember always ask several quotes in this country.Regards Kasperwww.casa-italia.dk

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Hi   We have a house in Celano.  The house has 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms and a open plan lounge / kitchen. We require 13 radiators approx  (including bathroom) The House will only be used for holiday periods of approx 2-3 weeks posiblity 3 times a year at the moment.  We are not in Italy at present but if you can give us a rough idea that would be great,  Ali

Immergas combi boiler. Does anyone know if any good Been quoted 1450 plus tax for an Eolo superior 32kw. Anyone know if this is a good price? Our main house is 200 sq metre (open plan lounge kitchen 2 bathrooms 3 bedroom one with small ensuite and hall) with an additional basement of 100 sq metres which we r not heating at the moment as still to be renovated. This will probably be made into a self contained apartment. The total cost of radiators and boiler for the main house is 4000 euros. Any views ? Thanks