House insurance ?  Can anyone tell

04/29/2014 - 08:34

House insurance ?  Can anyone tell me companies that do good deals...  Seems alot of Italians dont bother with house insurance ???  Thanks  Ali



They don't like the process.Most Italians don't have house insurance for various reasons, one is they don't like the process if they file the claim. I've heard multiple complaints with both house and car insurance that it is best not to file a claim unless it is catastrophic. Plus, with stone and concrete there isn't a lot to damage with most ruotine claims.Do you have a single building or a flat in a building? This makes a big difference in coverage and price.You might try Clements,

Don't look for special deals. Insure your house fully with a normal insurer such as Generali via the local agent who will also handle your claims. Although a stone house is unlikely to burn down, if someone tries to break in, they will for sure wreck your antique door etc etc. If you live in an apartment, check on whether the people upstairs have insurance. If they don't, consider insuring them too - a water leak can do a lot of damage. Make sure you include third party liability insurance. If a plant pot or a tree branch falls on a car parked outside (or someone's head), you'll need it.