Pleade can I have some help.  My

05/25/2014 - 17:45

Pleade can I have some help.  My dad died and left us a property.  He rented out one floor and this was renewed automatically in 2013.  I would like to terminate the contract  which runs for 6 years so,that it can be refurbished used for family members.  the tenant  does not stay there as he has another property in the village.  The contract is comunicazione disdetta contratto di locazione ad USO commerciale art 28L. 392/1978



If the tenant does not stay there, maybe it's not essential for him have the space? Talk to him first to get a feel for the situation. If you want the space for your own family, you can get him out but it could take a long time depending on what he uses the space for. It helps that he doesn't live there. If the tenant is totally resistant, then you need a lawyer, but remember, paying off the tenant could cost a lot less than paying a lawyer. Of course, the tenant will also have to pay a lawyer - take that into consideration.