Hi , everyone, buonasera. Ok, I have

06/06/2014 - 12:32

Hi , everyone, buonasera.
Ok, I have been informed by some friends as i still have some mortgage remaining with Barclays it. that i cannot sell the house..is this rubbish . please advise



Absolute tosh.  Of course you can sell a property with a mortgage on it.  However the mortgage must be paid off before the act of sale is transcribed.  Usually the owners pay off the mortgage with the caparra paid by the buyers at compromesso.  Failing that, at the signing of hte atto there is a cheque made payable to the bank, and the notary, buyer and seller all troop off to the bank and liquidate the mortgage in that instant.   

Modicasa is absolutely right. When we purchased our home, we had to request our bank to issue two separate certified cheques, one was for the bank, to pay off the seller's mortgage and the other to the seller, for the balance of payment. This is done all over the world. Common practice. Good luck with the sale! smiley

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