We have been invited to the wedding and

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06/18/2014 - 10:11

We have been invited to the wedding and to the reception after the ceremony of the daughter of freinds in our local town. Please could someone give me some idea of the protool in replying to the invitation which does have rsvp at the bottom  is it similar to in England? I would quite like to write a short letter of acceptance. But although my Itialian is good, I am not sure how to word it. any help would be appreciated.



Hello Rita! A very good question indeed, especially for a non-native speaker. We are working on what you could write and it will be on the website on friday (I will post the link here)! Thanks for bringing up this great question! Georgette: Italy Magazine 

In our village we just verbally tell our friends that we will be attending the reception once we have received the invitation - nothing written required. We are in Basilicata and the invitaions are always hand delivered by the bride or a family member. You are also expected to give cash at the reception in an envelope (the cost of enjoying the 8 hour party)