Has anyone had a stall at a local fair

07/21/2014 - 08:07

Has anyone had a stall at a local fair or flea market in Italy?I'd like to sell smaller vintage items( table linen,kitchenalia and architectural antiques) from England and France and wanted to try loca fairs.Do you have to be a resident ? I have a codice fiscale number but I'm a UK resident who spends several months a year in Italy.Any info would be great.



As long as you are not selling new stuff, you can have a stall in a flea market run by an associazione of some type and sell 2nd hand stuff without all the usual paperwork.  You will hvae to be a member of the associazione.   

thanks Steve -yes I am a bit bruised and battered from the abruzzolutely forum lately  so I'm seeking refuge here in the hope of finding a nicer class of person to argue with !!I think you can live in another EU country for 180 days before you need to pop over the border then return to Italy.If you are from outside the EU then its another matter.Thats what the inland revenue told me anyway!!I'm not sure that I'd want to enter into the process of signing up and paying fees to the Flea Market trust or whatever as I was probably thinking of a fairly informal affair just selling at Festas from my boot which I'm going to rig up with shelving and retro fabrics! 

Don't think you are allowed to argue on here unless you are well known DV. Of course everybody may well know you now following your fame elsewhere (don't even know if you are allowed other forum names...). Not that I'm arguing with you mind, but I think you will find if you are in Italy 182 days or more in total  in a tax year (Jan-Dec here in Italy), then they can have you as "tax resident". A lot more complex than that of course, so if you really do have to know, then you need to look further into it. Or of course just post here or elsewhere to ask. Do tell me if you're posting on your local forum as I'll look forward to it! But like I said, just do as you do and ignore them...

It will be a local associazione so you'll have to find out what there is around you.  The idea of turning up, paying a fiver and selling stuff does not exist in Italy - you wont get far - either with the people that control the market, or the police or the GDF