How do I acquire the deed of sale

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08/19/2014 - 05:36

How do I acquire the deed of sale document on a property? I am not the buyer or seller of the property concerned.



An act of sale is a public act, and therefore anybody can see it.  If you dont want to go via a notary - you cna go to the Conservatoria di Beni Immobili in your provincial town, though this is the expensive optino as you will pay (more depending on how quickly you want it).   You dont have to say anything to the notary other than you want a copy - no justification, no reason.  Or get someone else to ask for you if you want to remain more anonymous... 

A visura has nothing to do with an atto.  In most of Italy a visura is not legally binding, and can be frequently wrong.  An atto is the deed of the property and contains all the information relevant to the sale and the property.  

You will find that the visura catastale is an official record of the land registry and who owns the house, availiablòe to the general public, an atto is a legal document created by a notaio, an official working for the italian state. The information on the atto is the same as the visura catstale, (the catasto recieves it s information on changes to property tiltles etc from notaios) Therefore the information is correct..providing the visura not dated months or even years fact the visura chenges on line within a few days of the atto. An atto is the property deed as such, and should NOT be availoiable to the general public, that is why the visura catastale exists.....My husband worked for the local catasto....

Dear Modicasa,Thank You Very much for your help.i had followed your advice and got a copy of the document from the Notaio  with the help of a friend.However, the notary in question had notified the buyer and seller of my request.that is the price I had to pay for not  going va the other route i.e. via the conservatoria .Modicasa is correct to say it is public document  because  any buyer interested in the property may want to know the details of the sale such as covenants, etc.On this basis , I have to agree with modicasa and not Kica.Thank You again for this much needed help.      

The notaio had no right or obligation to notify the buyer/seller of your request,  unfortunately this happens alot - but you have every right to see any public atto you like.  I would go and shout at the notary anyway for being so unprofessional.   

Thank You , modicasa  for your support. As a consequence of the notary's unprofessional behaviour, it  affects my legal position.Anyway, the notary did execute a deed of sale which might be challenged in court  as the details  of the sale appears to be a sham as per another notary. I was advised to seek a lawyer  to invalidate the sale.