We share a roof with a neighbour who

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09/02/2014 - 05:43

We share a roof with a neighbour who will not do repairs. Our property is now being damaged. What can we do?



Joining roofs with another property is a problem . What I would suggest is that you employ a surveyor to check out the damage to your property & then take the report with photos to your solicitor & lodge an official complaint. This should be enough to kick start your neighbor into repairing his roof. He is in the wrong & he knows that, he just want's to see how far he can go without spending any of his cash ! You show him some of that British fighting spirit ( I presume you are from the UK) & good luck ! Keep me posted on your progress.

Yes  You need to crate a legal dispute with your neighbour and involve legal professionals.Most professions are suffering nowadays and need extra funding to maintain their high living standards.Having a heart to heart with your neighbour and sorting it out locally just won't do.