Hello, I am an American that doesn'

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08/25/2014 - 12:14

Hello, I am an American that doesn't have Italian passport.  After a trip to Firenze I found my path, I intend to go to Firenze to study Art Restoration or  photograph and to be there legally.   I am looking at some schools, but would like the opinion of the community here on  1) wich school for Restoration or Photograph,  2) Apartment or familly to rent room but not with the craziness of the young students,  3) If I can work studing there,  4) opening a bank account and other sugestions.  Appreciated



Cant help wtih the school, but you need to sort out a Schengen visa before you leave the US, then you need to sort out a Permesso di Soggiorno for reasons fo study as soon as you arrive in Italy, and then you need a contract for your accommodation,  a codice fiscale and then you can think about a bank account.   Its complicated and will take time, but its important to start whileyou are still in the US. 

hello thania! I am Florence-based and its true that you will need to sort out your visa BEFORE you come, the school will likely help you with the process and while it is annoying, it is worth it and for student visas they normally don't give you problems. As for your living situation, an apartment would mean you would have a home of your own, your refuge, you can use websites like 'easystanza' to find roomates. It can be expensive in Florence, around 400-450 for a private room in an apartment, around 1000 for an apartment to yourself. Just depends :). Living with a family would mean you would learn Italian quicker and you would be better immersed in culture. As for getting a bank account, you can use your accounts from the states and just use your debit/credit card while in Italy. Or you can open an easy account with the post office here 'postapay' which doesn't require much. See if your bank at home has any international collaborations. Also about working, while studying, legally you can work 20 hours a week, unless you speak Italian there aren't many options other than teaching english or nannying/babysitting but it can be done :). Let me know if you have any other questions! 

Ciao Georgette.  I just posted a reply in "Finance" regarding Americans opening bank accounts in Italy.  I live in Firenze and the post office would not open a bank account for me because of the new U.S. tax regulations.  In fact, I had to visit 4 banks before I found one that would open an account fo rme.  It's getting tough.