How do you get British TV ie BBC 1,2,3,

04/15/2014 - 03:04

How do you get British TV ie BBC 1,2,3,4,etc now the footprint of Astra Satelite has reduced to basically the UK and Europe fringes only. Any experinces?



If you have a decent Internet connection its easy -  Use Filmon or UKTV4ITALIAIf you want a real or normal TV experience watching through your TV, UKTV4ITALIA do a box that you plug into your hdmi port on your TV and also the internet and you can get all the UK free to air channels and lots more, including all the UK radio channels, 14 day catch up and recording.Filmon has adverts, similar to Youtube (thats where they make their money, and if you try and watch on a big TV screen its a bit grainy (put fine on an iPad) and there is an annoying Filmon Logo always on the screen. Not bad for free though!UKTV4ITALIA does not have advertising or screen logo and its a normal TV experience but the cost is about £10 a month.You need about 1.2 Mbps download speed (in the evening) for standard definition and you can check your internet by using 

Hi MauriceYes,better than Filmon, although you can pay for the premium Filmon service that loses the adverts and also gives you HD. The problem is that most Internet connections in Italy are just too slow for HD, but certainly the Standard definition with UKTV4ITALIA will give a good SD resolution on a decent size screen (I use a 42 inch plasma). There are LD and HD options as well-Richard