Hello all we are living in Sicily and

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03/06/2015 - 10:03

Hello all we are living in Sicily and would like to start a business, would like to speak to an English speaking accountant commercialista who could advise us on moving forwards. Anyone who can help we would be grateful.



It depends where you are, and to be brutally honest, if you are going to start a business you need to be fluent in Italian - so you could use the commercialista bit as your first steep learning curve...  I have never met an English speaking commericalista, but there may be one round Taormina.  However, you need to do the main legwork yourself, it pays to know the law better than any professional as they are not legally responsibile for what they tell you. 

I use studio del gaizo picchioni in Livorno. They have a totally bilingual service and I have found them to be efficient and relaible and a lot cheaper than the previous English one I used. They have a website and I speak to Judith Ruddock whom I recommend highly. They will do your IMU for you as well.