My husband and I will be coming to

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04/29/2015 - 17:27

My husband and I will be coming to Italy in September for a year in Europe.  I will be conducting research for a book, and writing, and he will be working on a mobile app, and continuing his work as an architectural photographer.  We wish to purchase a vehicle for our year in Europe. Our first 2 months will be in Italy.  Is it possible for a non-EU citizen to purchase and register a vehicle in Italy?  We would travel Western Europe for a year doing my research, then sell vehicle when we leave to return to U.S.   



Hi, you cannot buy a car in Italy (the same applies to many EU countries) if you are not a way to overcome this is to buy/lease a car with a buy back guarantee. I know that French manufacturers Citroen and Renault have been doing this for years. You can have the car delivered anywhere in Europe at an extra cost.