We will be traveling to Umbria to

08/25/2015 - 16:52

We will be traveling to Umbria to finalize the purchase of our home.  Unfortunately, we will not be able to close on the house during our visit, but need to open a bank account during our time there.  My husband and I are Americans but have our Italian citizenship, passport and codice fiscale.  Can anyone tell me the intracacies of this.  We would like to have the use of bank debit card while we are there.  We plan to transfer some Euro from Currencies Direct to this bank account once it is open.  Grazie.   



It shouldnt be difficult, you will have more problems with the IRS than in Italy.  However some banks donot now open bank accounts for Americans spo you may have to shop around. Tkae your codice fiscale (the original document or your tessera) with your passports/ID to the bank - and it will be easy.  If - as you are Italian - you are inscribed in the AIRE you can have a resident overseas account, otherwise presumably you will be non resident, but you can still have a debit card - (a credit card may be more difficult).  For Currencies Dirext if you want to email I can send you the name and number of the person I use who will assure you the best service

Do not make sense , : 1> you can open a foreign bank account , even if do not have residence 2> you can change USD to Euro in Usa and send Euro to yr's italian bank account Qui non posso scrivere nomi e coordinate , ma se tu vai nel mio web site e invii una mail dal link contatti , con il tuo indirizzo email, posso metterti - COMPLETAMENTE GRATIS - in contatto con un agente bancario , che ALTRETTANTO GRATUITAMENTE , ti aprirà un conto in Italia, con tanto di bancomat e carta di credito , su una primaria banca italiana - Ugo 

I do not see the need to have a bank branch, out of the Italy. Currently  - Even in Italy - you can access your bank account, via computer, the payments are made with bank transfers SEPA, from all over the world, and withdrawals can be made from any work ATM. Even at the North Pole ...Ugo   by www.lifeinitaly.it 

It is not the fact of having a branch in their own country Ugo it is the possibility of getting this done in their own country to save time if they have little when over in Italy and lots to do. It will also help if they do not speak good Italian. 

Save time, for you, it means you can take the car, go for 2 hours in traffic, find a parking space, maybe take a fine for no parking? instead of turning on the iPad or a laptop and type a code?   Code , do not have language :)  and More , even for you appear not possible , many Italian banks have web server with pages in english .. and finally, if you buy a house in Italy, perhaps it is also appropriate to learn a little Italian, or perhaps pretend that all of Italy, speaks your language, just for the pleasure of welcoming you? :) Ugo , by www.lifeinitaly.it 

Ugo I agree if there is accounts you can apply for online, but I would guess you will still have to print off your application, send it off and still have to go in to sign lots of pages before you get your account.... That is Italy and unless you have been in other countries for some length of time to compare, I appreciate it is difficult to understand. Also it is a lot easier and cost effective to have your account in advance and exchange currency when the rates are in your favour. Currency fluctuation was by far our biggest problem when buying, yes you can get a fixed rate, but that’s also normally for a fix time and if things get delayed, as they often do, it can be very worrying.

I am sorry , LargeLewis , you do not understand - i do not write that you CAN OPEN A BANK ACCOUNT ON LINE , but that you CAN OPERATE ON LINE -  to open a bank account , you has to go to an italian bank agency , and all documents are writted from bank officer , not from you , you has only to sign it - In some cases , opening via mail, is possible - FREE TO FEES - (excuse me if i do not write here the process , these procedures can not be written in a forum, already more than once,  have unleashed wars here Keyboard )Regarding , that 's italiy ...i am Italian , and This is my daily bread , i work , as mortgage broker , only for not italian citizens , from 18 years  :)  ... ,here some notes >  https://www.italymagazine.com/community/post/american-mortgageRegarding rate changing , i suggest to buy euro at yr's country , and transfer to yr's italian bank account , saving currency problems , and without expenses -  Ugo  by  www.lifeinitaly.it 

The antirecylcling laws and laws on money laundering require that you open a bank account in person, and itscertainly sensible to have a bank account inItaly even its a non resident one.  You can open an accoun with 50 euros, then get your IBAN and BIC/SWIFT and trasnfer the money in from abroad.   If its coming in in USD as I said, you may have problems with the American end, and there are some banks whichwill not open accounts for US citizens at the moment - but as you have diual nationalisty you should be fine.   You will need your CF original to open the account.