ciao tuttiCould anyone tell me how to

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09/19/2015 - 08:01

ciao tuttiCould anyone tell me how to obtain the deeds to an italian property. My italian mother(who has lived in the uk for 50 years) wants to leave her Italian house to myself in her will.The italian lawyer who says he will draw up the will,has asked for the deeds.Ive been told to contact the ufficio catastale,of which ive never heard of!  any advice?the house needs renovation and my mrs wont let me go out and renovate it till the will is madesmileyCiao ciao!



For a copy of the deeds, you either need to go to the archivio notarile, if you know which Notatio or when the act of sale wascomplleted.   Failing that, you may need to go to the provincial Conservatoria of Beni Immobili - but you will need to know as much as possible first.  The lawyer is asking for the visure catastale in the hope that it will say when it was bought and who handled the sale.  You can get them online now, but you will need at least your Mums codice fiscale or anagrpagicaldetails assuming the house is in her name.  If you are the only child and have no suriving parent , it will be yours without the need for a will.  

Hi ModicasaThank you for your reply.The house has been in my mothers family for least since my grandfather was born in it over 100 years ago! I think the house is still in my grandmothers name who died 7 years ago.I do have her codice fiscale.I was hoping it was as simple as entering  relevent details online, to recieve a copy.....just not sure what site they will be on!Im not an only child incidentally,Cheers!

You can get the visura online typing in visure catastale in google.  If it is still in your grandmothers name, put in her codice fiscale and the province where the property is, and it should come up.    It will be necessary to do the succession however.