We are looking to rent a villa for one

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12/04/2015 - 19:33

We are looking to rent a villa for one month oceanfront or with a pool in Tuscany, Puglia, Liguria or Sardinia.  We would probably rent for September because it is not as busy and is less expensive.  Is a budget of $5000 per month realistic and where can we look?  Would real estate companies be a good option? thank you.



Search the web "italy villas" and the area, bigger companies are holiday lettings, owners direct, but there are many more. If you can wade through the reviews, Tripadvisor is worth checking some of them out. It's either "sea" or "beach" location you are looking for, although "ocean" may get you an American target company.Personally I think September is a lovely time in Italy, but you will find the days that little bit shorter and perhaps not quite as warm. When we first came to Italy our local beach resort closed down at the end of August, but now there are a few places open until the end of September. So I would suggest some research into the place you decide is best. September is normally the grape harvest with a number of “festas”, check out Greve.   Enjoy!

Thank you.  When would be a good time to go? June? We rented a house in Umbria in the area of Lago Trasimeno one summer. We were there one month in June and we had very warm weather.  We were in the hills with no air conditioning and no screens in the windows.  We would not go in August because of the crowded beaches.  And what would be a great summer destination by the ocean? Calabria? Puglia? We are flexible.  

This is our local beach forcast actual weather for June, which is more or less normal. You can switch the month for September, which was quite varied and the late 40c was very much not normal. Of course it depends on what temperatures you like, but June would have longer days. Can't help you with the locations I'm afraid as we have not been to either. I'm sure others here will know the places and comment.

I'm not sure myself but I do know of two companies I have dealt with that would be able to help you.  One is homebasedabroad.com and the other is L'esperta.com.  I've use them in the past and they were very helpful.  Hope this helps and enjoy your trip.

I was finally able to find the website you recommended.  I was entering: homebasedabroad.com.  The address is homebaseabroad.com.  They have beautiful villas.  They do not post the rates.  It is in the same category as The Thinking Traveller based in the UK.  Thank you for the information.

Bear in mind that Italy is not on an ocean - it is on a sea - which will be watmer in Septemebr than June, byt about 5 degrees usually.  You regions you cite are very different between them, and your budget will be stretched in Sardina whenver you go - but you dont say for how many people you are searching for.   June and september are not 'high season, so you will get more for your money.

Hi,  I'm glad to see that you are considering the South - Basilicata and Calabria give an amazing range of scenery from high mountains to lovely beaches, and you will get a lot more for your money than in the touristy 'Chiantishire' areas of Tuscany and Umbria (nice though they are). The downside is that there is less developed tourist infrastructure, and fewer people will speak english.Happy hunting!

I live in Canada and many Italians are from the Calabria area.  I heard that Cosenza is beautiful, Tropea and other areas.  But since the infrastructure is not well developed, that means it is difficult to find something suitable and affordable.  We are looking at the Puglia area as well.  Now, a good option for the first time might be a Masseria.  There seems to be many of those in the Puglia area. Some of them are pricy but luxurious enough and close to the sea. We have not checked the Calabria area yet.