Hi all  I have a very basic

01/10/2016 - 01:03

Hi all  I have a very basic question on using this forum: How do I send a Personal Message to someone?It would seem if I hit "reply" and send what would appear to be a message which only to recipient would see, is instead visible by the whole forum.Can anyone throw extra light on this matter?Bye Conor


Hi Nicolas and Lewis, thanks for your reply, you are confirmng what I had thought.But I was under the impression that it used to be possible in the past - I may be wrong - but I remember people asking to be "PM"ed in messages I read a year or so ago.

The PM feature was some years ago and is totally gone.  I had asked the new admins about it and was basically informed that this was an open forum and that they wanted information accessible to all.  Too bad.  It pretty much killed it.There are quite a few of the old members who are now also members of the forum I have listed below.  There is a PM feature on this forum's website, which I really appreciate.  The members have been friendly and very helpful.www.italy.forumotion.com   

You have no PM facility on this site, so if you post a email address it is open to every spammer etc. to see.I admit I will never put my open email on here, as there is enough spam that comes in the postings, with virtually no moderation.