Hi all,I am a journalist working for

11/06/2015 - 05:10

Hi all,I am a journalist working for The Local (www.thelocal.it) looking to interview a British/American expat in Italy. If you're self employed or started up your own business that would be even better. I would really appreciate your time and it would only take 15 minutes to complete the questions. Any help greatly appreciated!!Best wishes,Ellie 


 Hi ElliYes I'd love to contribute to your article, Jane and I run a property management co in Perugia. Check us out on Facebook. The Italian house management co. Eric Sent from my iPhoneHi 

Ciao Ellie!Great to read this from you.  I have two possibilities.  One is me, John Rasiej, although I am not yet officially an ExPat.  However my wife (Luisa, neapolitan though she's been with me in the USA 30 years) and I have moved here from three months to explore options and find out more about living in Italy (we have rented an apartment in Torino centro and will be celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary with a party here).  After the 3 months we will be evaluating how to continue living in Italy longer, whether that means 12-months a year or 10...The other option for your article is a perfect fit.  A British man (also named John) who came to Italy in 2002 for work and later met his business partner who then became his life partner.  Together they run on of the sweetest and funkiest bistros in Torino, called Manitu -- lunches are great and the apericena is splendid.  I told John about your interest when my wife Luisa and I had lunch there today and he'd be interested for sure to chat.  The phone number at Casa Manitu is and emial is casa.manitu@gmail.com. If you'd like to speak to me as well, please email me at john at piazzaitaliausa dot comHope to speak with you soon!!!John

Ciao Ellie, As im not a British/American expat living in Italy however Im a distributor for a US company that just announced its expanding into Italy which in terms is a new company/products for us, the Italians and those living in Italy. Not sure if this is something you would like to get in front of as as a journalist if so please contact me. My company (ItWorks) website is in my bio feel free to check it out .. Good Luck & Best Wishes!

Hi Ellie,I am a self employed architect living in Milan since 2001. I am originally from Belfast, UK.Let me know if I can assist you.All the best, Conor 

Hello Ellie,

I've lived in Puglia since 2005 after a shorter stint in France and priors in the UK and Canada.

Today I am the concerned owner of two companies. One a management company and the second a rental company both registered under my name. I also contribute my services to a real estate agent who is also my partner in life as in work.

I imagine you already have plenty of contributions to your article but if you need any additional information, I would be happy to be involved.

I will now go an have a look at your site local.it.

a presto


Would be happy to help. I am an English lawyer practising in Italy since 2001, I am qualified as an Avvocato now (under the EU freedom of establishment rules - so hoping that the UK does in fact remain in the EU!) and in 2013 set up an international law firm in Rome - Oliver & Partners.