EU in/out Referendum. Many British

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02/23/2016 - 06:00

EU in/out Referendum. Many British citizens living in Europe will not have a right to vote - they are disenfranchised as have been living outside the UK for 15 years or more. This rule restricing the right to vote of expats is on its way to  being abolished after Harry Shindler took the UK government to the European Court of Human Rights, David Cameron has personally promised him this would be done. BUT it wont be abolished in time for the Referendum in June 2016, so many of us who have taken full advantage of the free movement of workers and services in the EU since the 70's cannot put forward our point of view.  There is an application underway for funding for legal action BEFORE the Referendum, by way a judicial review of the UK government in the High Court. The legal team is looking for potential litigants in person, one of whom will be Harry Shindler himself.Please do send me a message if you are a British citizen who has lived in Italy for more than 15 years and would be interested in being actively involved?



it is natural to ask oneself - england was forced to join the European community? This way of being all English, be prepared to take and equally, with suitcase in hand, when it comes to giving - Sure does not induce the other countries of the EU a liking to your countrymen, at least from a political point of view Community - Yes, I understand that this situation of immigrants is a little heavy to digest, but I remember, back in the years 70/80 peoples of various ethnic groups populate the world of the English work, such that some time in your home, find citizens British historical downdrafts, has become quite difficult.

I would just like to clarify, that I am strongly in favour of the UK staying in the EU. I can see no valid reasons to take a backwards step but instead prefer to focus on the progress our society has made as a result of it.I also believe that the majority of British people agree with me. 67% of the population voted to stay in the EU in the 70's, and I hope that at least the same number will turn out in support of it in the Referendum this year. Thats why its important to include those expats living in Europe in this vote!Those who have pushed for this Referendum are entitled to their opinion, but in my view they do not properly represent Britian or the English.  

Good luck on getting people to sign up Charlotte, it is a great cause. Totally agree also with your own view on staying together, unfortunately going back to the UK often, many more people there are now totally against the EU. Then again I do think the whole of Europe has become very parochial and narrow minded.

I wish Charlotte and all the English "right-thinking", that the decisions of this importance are taken with the brain, more 'than with the separatist impulses - unfortunately, in politics, more often than not wins the interest of a few, on one of the many