Trying to make bigoli tastasale. What herbs and spices are

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02/27/2016 - 19:06

Trying to make bigoli tastasale. What herbs and spices are typically used in pork sausage from the Veneto?

thanks for your help! 



I haven't heard of this dish, but I have the Ventian cookery book ' Polpo' with a recipe for Bigoli in Salsa.  As you know Bigoli is a pasta like spaghetti and according to this 'bible' it is only ever served 'in salsa' i.e. with the sauce in the cookery book and NO OTHER !!Salsa is made with2 large white onions - finely sliced and sweat in olive oil til soft.Add 20 brown anchovies and one small glass of white wine cooking gently using a fork to push the fish into the melting onion to creat a thick sauce. 

Well, perhaps the book does not contain ALLl the recipes from the Veneto region. After all , it is a book written by  the chef of a very popular Soho restaurant, so I would not consider it  as THE encyclopedia of Venetian cooking. Yes, bigoli in salsa is a very popular way of eating pasta, but not the only one. Tastasale, tastasal or pasta di salame is a frequent accompaniment for bigoli, particularly in Vicenza (Veneto), but also in Este and Mantova. There are various versions of the Bible smiley 

That's a good link, Ugo, thank you. I found this one where it is possible to see how the tastasal economy is sold in small bags. It is basically fresh sausage meat, without additives, just seasoned with salt and pepper (although some people add herbs or spices). One of the advantages of buying it fresh from a specialized butcher is that it will contain less fat than commercial products. The salt content is the key, as its name says it all... You have to taste the salt in it.