Does an EHIC card cover dental

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05/22/2016 - 07:01

Does an EHIC card cover dental treatment? I have a tooth cap that has chipped and come off. I am wondering whether my EHIC card might cover me for a new cap. What is score with going to the dentist in Italy? I read something advising people to go to the doctor who refers them to a dentist or hospital. I am looking to get a permanent cap put on rather than a temporary one.

Thanks if anyone can advise!



If you are lucky [and if a chipped tooth cap qualifies].....................The NHS leaflet "Health Advice for Travellers"   states [for Italy] that most dentists are Private, and you would need to use a"national health service hospital or a dentist who is working in an ASL-managed centre."    

DENTAL CARE IN ITALYWe used one local dentist who, although speaking little English, was excellent for a chipped tooth. The price was about half what the English cost would have been. So I would certainly encourage you to use a recommended Italian dentist rather than necessarily waiting a return to the UK.

As we found out and were told here most general Dr. In Itay can do dental care. So for simple fixes thatcmight be the cheapest way to go.
For specialty care (braces, surgeries etc) then all or most tend to be private. Maybe travel ins can cover that for you?
Big take away is for a chip, pulling or filling the GP (primary family doctors) in italy can handle that.

No GP in Italy will repair teeth. I don't know who told you this but it is not so. I have lived in Italy for over 40 years and that is certainly not true. If you live in Rome their is a dental hospital called the Eastman who do emergency treatment and it will cost less than going private, otherwise Italians mostly use private dentists and the EHIC card will not cover dentistry.