How to Buy Property in Italy ?Where to

06/18/2016 - 16:31

How to Buy Property in Italy ?

Where to buy Property in Italy ? where houses are available for well under €200,000 ?  Please guide me ..



Pick your area well, generally the nearer you are to large cities or well known places and good transport connections, the more expensive the properties are.

Lake Como is an expensive area but we do have some apartments with lake views at less than €200,000
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Hi JohnCan I submit our property to you which we have for sale. you would like any more information then do not hesitate to come back to us.Brian & carole 

I would like to introduce you to the amazing Monferrato region, in the Province of Asti.
The area is known for the wine and the excellent food, and the little towns around are of historical relevance, vibrant and with lots of summer festivals.
If you are looking for a property (also very spacious turn-key properties in your price range are available) with amazing views on rolling vineyards and hills without spending a fortune, I feel this the right place for you!
Check some of our listings here many more available in our database.
Maria Cristina

Hello John,
I agree with Maria Cristina and Anghido: Piedmont is a great region where to purchase a property in Italy. Have a look at this website by an Australian journalist:
Furthermore, I believe buying in Piedmont at the moment is a very good investment. The area of Langhe-Roero-Monferrato has been appointed "World heritage Site" by Unesco in June 2014. The attraction for our hills is already increasing and is bound to grow more and more, while prices of properties are still low compared to Tuscany, Umbria, Liguria etc.
Buona ricerca!

Yes John ,but , when buying a house it is also necessary to think that it is also an investment, and a good investment, it is such if it retains its value over time.The properties in Tuscany, Umbria, Liguria, as well as giving you a better liveability, because the regions enjoy milder temperatures in winter.They also have the not inconsiderable merit of preserving their value over time.Put simply, if you buy something, whose standard price is low, at resale you will have more difficulty finding a buyer and, in most cases, even recovering the total cost of the investment.My suggestion is to do a good research in the most expensive regions, in this particular moment, in which many properties are on the market at lower prices than their value, and, without trying to overdo it, to go towards a purchase, maybe a a bit more expensive, but in areas that promise a good investment over time. 

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