Have any other residents or businesses

02/05/2016 - 13:22

Have any other residents or businesses installed solar panels under the GSE/government scheme expecting payback for the capital cost of the panels + "feed in" payments for surplus electricity generated, only to find that payments are sporadic and a mere fraction of the promised returns?. Is there an action group? I reckon I'm owed about 30,000 euros by now and would love to join forces with like minded defrauded residents to take the government to task over this charade. Any takers?And while I'm on the subject of rip offs, who has seen their paid energy prices fall over the past year to match the dramatic fall in the cost of supply signified by the cost of oil falling down to $30/barrel or less? Yes, ENEL,AGSM,  this means you.Welcome to rip off Italy - they'll tax you 'till to you bleed , but try getting justice or fair treatment for services (not) rendered.....


Fortunately we did our homework and planned our project based on what we can afford. Knowing Italy would bring up some issues we decided before arrival that we would need to be on our guard not to be sucked in by these issues and spoil the experience. Almost daily we see ourselves as very lucky to be able to afford to be here or for that matter to have 3 meals a day and a roof over our head!I'm sorry you seem so upset by it all, but I do not think you will get any more satisfaction here as was the case last time. I’m certain ENEL and the powers that be will definitely not be reading this, likely they are on the beach somewhere spending your money! Seriously I would try, if not already done, hitting them on social media. Alternatively go back to those that sold you this idea and get them to sort it out. Best of luck. 

HI. Thanks for your pragmatic comments and I'm sorry I was a bit "off" in my earlier comments - you're right, I am very upset by the behaviour of large Italian bureacracies who just ride roughshod over people's rights but I was wrong to take out my frustrations on you! Good luck and all the best - sorry again!

One of our neighbours (Italian) had panels fitted over a year ago and has not recieved a cent, He now has a several boilers (hot water tank) with an emersion heater which he turnes on when they are generating. He seems happy as his bill has gone down. When they finished installing his panels they left a large crate of new panels on his land he kept phoning up to get them to take them away it took about 6 months. he only bothered as it was awkard to get his car in and out.